Simple and smart attendance system without any complex devices or installations

The time of traditional attendance devices is over, it is time for digital transformation with our new digital solution powered by IoT

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Switch to the new generation of smart attendance systems

Many organizations face loads of problems with fingerprint devices,
Do these problems ring a bell?

Difficulty managing employees!

Difficulty in managing employee attendance data from branches and departments.

Frequent maintenance!

Recurring & bothering maintenance problems and unnecessary costs

No remote attendance!

Inability to prove the attendance of remote workers and field staff

Inability to detect fraud!

Difficulty in detecting fraud cases on traditional devices

Don’t worry! Get rid of these problems with Availo!

Availo brings you the new generation of attendance systems to help you achieve transparency and efficiency in your attendance management.

What will change when using Availo ?

Here is what distinguishes Availo from other systems

Save effort, time, and cost

We have totally removed the problems that come from traditional attendance devices such as installation and maintenance by using only the smartphone to attend.

Provide proof of employee’s location

We excel in providing the best way to accurately locate an employee with the help of Internet of Things (IoT) technology along with the use of GPS which is commonly used in wide-open spaces.

Provide a variety of identification methods

We provide you with many methods for the proof of attendance through the face image, voice scan, or biometric of the employee to obtain true proof of the employee's identity when marking their attendance.

Remote work and field work

If your team has the option to work remotely or work outside the company’s site, Availo gives you the ability to attend to your employees from anywhere and prove the employee's attendance during working hours.

Managing employees and work plans

Availo application provides you with the ability to add multiple working hours that suit the nature of your employees' work, in addition to the ease of registering and managing employees.

Provide real-time access to attendance reports

We provide you with multiple reports to view and analyze employees’ working hours, workdays, and vacations. Availo also has the capability to link with any human resources system.

Availo has been digitally transforming its customers attendance system at the lowest cost!

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