Availo Account Activation

Account activation steps

Please go throw the following steps to activate your account, if you have any issues, please contact us directly through chat or direct call


After receiving Availo devices, check the license number on the card inside the box


Enter the account information :

The system will send you confirmation email after activation, please check your ( Spam )


Download Application

Download application from official Stores:



Enter the account code, a message of your organization name will
appear for confirmation, then log in using the information received by email


Scan your face

Pay attention to the following:


Scan your voice

Pay attention to the following:


the best way to scan fingerprint

Now you can log in to the application and attend or leave using voice or face recognition and fingerprint.

Download new employees registration steps from the link

How to use Availo mobile application​

To know how to manage the attendance process, please download the admin panel manual attached to the activation email

A new generation smart attendance system which provides you highly efficient way of managing employee attendance

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